Wednesday word: la leccornia

The word leccornia, pronounced layk-kohrn-EE-ah, can be translated into English as tidbit, delicacy, exquisite food, or appealing something-or-other. The word leccornia is often used to describe pastries, but can also be applied to tasty dishes of any kind, whether sweet or savory.

Several sources state that the singular feminine noun leccornia is rooted in lecconeria, which describes the food eaten by a food-lover, called a leccone in older forms of Tuscan dialects. Nowadays people use the term goloso to describe a foodie or food-lover, instead of the more antiquated leccone.

Leccornia sounds like it could also be related to the verb leccare, to lick, which comes from the vulgar Latin root ligicare. It’s not hard to imagine a leccone licking their lips in the presence of a leccornia.

all of them are named leccornia

Leccornia is also synonymous with ghiottoneria, which can mean tasty tidbit or calorie bomb.

Use leccornia to describe delicious food in an elegant and sophisticated manner. See if you can impress the waiter when you try these phrases out in Italy:

Che leccornia! [What a tasty tidbit!]

Una vera leccornia! [A truly exquisite treat!]

If this is the kind of learning you like to do, pick up a copy of Italian Through Food!

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