Learn Italian through cooking @ Stir to Learn in Denver

If you’re in Denver, Colorado on Saturday September 9 2017, come learn Italian Through Food in a hands-on cooking and language class at Stir Cooking School.

amici miei, this is where the magic happens

Italian-trained Chef Daniel Slater will teach you the cooking aspects of the class while Italian Through Food author Andrea Parisi will introduce you to the basics of Italian pronunciation. You’ll come out of the class knowing 50 new words in Italian: how to use vocabulary for the ingredients used in recipes, key phrases for communicating in the kitchen and at the table, as well as adjectives used to describe taste and texture.

Here’s the menu you’ll learn to cook (and love to eat):

Carciofi fritti con salsa aioli al basilico [Fried artichokes in basil aioli]

Pasta fresca alla paprika [Fresh paprika pasta]

Pasta primavera [Pasta primavera]

Cotolette croccanti di pollo con Grana padano e pepe nero [Crispy chicken cutlets with Grana Padano and black pepper]

Mini torta di ricotta al limone [Individual lemon ricotta cheesecakes]

Price: $99.00/person    Date: Saturday, September 09, 2017

Start Time: 10:00 AM     Duration: 3.0  hours

If this is the kind of learning you like to do, come join us at Stir…and pick up a copy of Italian Through Food!

© 2017

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