World cuisines in Italy

Although la cucina italiana is frequently cited as one of the best cuisines, if not the best cuisine in the world, la cucina etnica [ethnic (world) cuisine] is also on the rise in Italy. In part due to communities that have immigrated to Italy, in part due to the growing curiosity Italians harbor for other cultures, the market for non-Italian food products has grown by 93% from 2007 to 2016.

Statistics show that between 20 – 30% of Italians dine at a non-Italian restaurant at least once per month, enjoying il sushi, i tacos, il kebab, or il tandoori instead of the usual pizza or pastasciutta.

The world’s noodle masters team up

In 2010, 9% of restaurant owners in Italy were of foreign origin, and 2012 data counted over 50,000 multicultural restaurants in il bel paese [Italy]. La cucina cinese [Chinese], la cucina giapponese [Japanese], and la cucina messicana/latinoamericana [Mexican/Latin American] are the most popular among Italian consumers. Only 15.3% of Italians say they have never tried anything other than la cucina italiana.

Rather than eat out, Italians are more likely to buy international products and cook them at home, usually using recipes they found online. The ricette dal mondo [recipes from around the world] website has a great collection to browse through. Have a look through them and see if you recognize anything you know how to cook!

If this is the kind of learning you like to do, pick up a copy of Italian Through Food!

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