IAP interview with author Andrea Parisi

In a recent interview with Italian American Press, author Andrea Parisi discussed the inspiration and process behind the making of Italian Through Food. Excerpts are below: you can read the full interview here. IAP: What inspired you to write your book?  Parisi: I was born and raised in the USA, but it wasn’t until I moved to Italy that I truly learned how to eat well. … Continue reading IAP interview with author Andrea Parisi

Italian pronunciation tips for non-traditional learners

With 150 million people (and counting!) using Duolingo, the online language learning market is set to grow 8% by 2021. More people than ever are studying languages using digital tools, and there are plenty of resources to help you work on your reading, writing, and listening skills. The hardest part to iron out over the internet, however, is getting into the habit of good pronunciation. Trial … Continue reading Italian pronunciation tips for non-traditional learners

Tortelloni, tortellini, tortelli…

There are many types of pasta ripiena [stuffed pasta] served in Italy. I ravioli are probably the most well-known variety, but they are no less magnificent than tortelloni, tortellini, tortelli, cappelletti, agnolini, agnolotti… Tortelloni [tor-tel-LO-ni], tortellini [tor-tel-LI-ni], and tortelli [tor-TEL-li] might look like similar words, but they each refer to specific types of pasta ripiena. Building from the root word torta, which means cake or filled … Continue reading Tortelloni, tortellini, tortelli…

Learn Italian through cooking @ Stir to Learn in Denver

If you’re in Denver, Colorado on Saturday September 9 2017, come learn Italian Through Food in a hands-on cooking and language class at Stir Cooking School. Italian-trained Chef Daniel Slater will teach you the cooking aspects of the class while Italian Through Food author Andrea Parisi will introduce you to the basics of Italian pronunciation. You’ll come out of the class knowing 50 new words … Continue reading Learn Italian through cooking @ Stir to Learn in Denver

Artusi (1/3): pear compote

Yes, le pere [pears] can be composted. But you can also use them to create a compote, a preserve obtained by slow-cooking fruit in sugar syrup. In Italian, we’d call this recipe pere in composta – which means pear compote, not pear compost. Although yes, le pere can also be composted (see above). Recipes number 709 and 710 are devoted to pere in composta in Pellegrino Artusi’s quintessential cookbook La scienza in cucina e … Continue reading Artusi (1/3): pear compote

5 fun techniques for learning Italian through food

1. Watch the masters in action, from the comfort of your home. Youtube is full of Italian-language video tutorials on how to cook and enjoy Italian food. Giallo Zafferano has a great cooking school series of short videos that focus on simple techniques – nothing too overwhelming for beginning students. For more results, perform a video search using phrases such as “ricetta facile” [easy recipe] or “corso di … Continue reading 5 fun techniques for learning Italian through food