Burrata in the making

La burrata is a type of formaggio fresco [fresh cheese] originally created in Andria, Puglia. Lately it seems like burrata has become the “it” cheese among trendy American restaurants – Italian and even non-Italian eateries feature burrata on their menus, as an appetizer, pizza or pasta topping. Essentially a pouch of stretched curd that encloses a filling of mozzarella shreds and panna [cream], la burrata is best eaten with … Continue reading Burrata in the making

Is parmesan cheese the same as Parmigiano?

Yes! But sometimes, no! Basically it depends. Many dictionaries will give parmesan as the translation of Parmigiano. There is good reason for this: in 2008, the European Court of Justice established that only the certified product known as Parmigiano Reggiano DOP could be sold under the English language name “Parmesan” in the EU. And yes, […]

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