Eating at a sit-down pizzeria in Italy

Not sure about etiquette when dining in an Italian pizzeria? Relax, pizzerie [pizzeriaS] tend to be casual places…and happy places, since everyone has a chance to enjoy this: Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions tourists have about dining in pizzerie in Italy: Can I eat with my hands?  Pizzerie serve la pizza tonda [round pizza] whole, uncut, on top of a plate. If you’re new to this … Continue reading Eating at a sit-down pizzeria in Italy

Pizza regulations

Pizza has the distinction of being both a global phenomenon and a local speciality. You’ll find pizza in most countries around the world, but every nation, if not city, is going to have its own take on the pie. New York-style pizza, Chicago-style pizza, Hawaiian pizza, Mexican pizza, Swedish pizza, Canadian pizza, Japanese pizza…the list of pizza styles is long and full of intrigue. The … Continue reading Pizza regulations