Unit 15: Il menu [the menu]

Exercise 1 Rome

APPETIZER: fried squash flowers

FIRST COURSE: Roman-style gnocchi

SECOND COURSE: dried salted cod

SIDE DISH: Roman-style broccoli

DESSERT: English soup (custard)

Exercise 2: Genoa

APPETIZER: focaccia with rosemary

FIRST COURSE: trofie pasta in pesto sauce

SECOND COURSE: Genoese-style stockfish

SIDE DISH: mushrooms and potatoes

DESSERT: Genoese sweet bread

Exercise 3: Naples

APPETIZER: little shrimp with garlic and oil

FIRST COURSE: Neapolitan-style noodles

SECOND COURSE: sausages with tomato

SIDE DISH: stuffed sweet peppers

DESSERT: baba cake with rum sauce

Exercise 4: Bologna

APPETIZER: prosciutto ham with melon

FIRST COURSE: tagliatelle noodles in a hearty meat sauce

SECOND COURSE: Bologna-style breaded veal cutlet

SIDE DISH: ‘friggione’ onion and tomato sauce

DESSERT: crumbly glazed cookies

Unit 15 Review Exercises

After you complete these review exercises, wait a few days and then review your work. Feel free to go on to the next unit in the meantime.

When it’s time to review your work, use a bilingual dictionary to check your answers to Review Exercise 1. Doing the extra legwork of looking up words will help reinforce this vocabulary.

Have fun getting creative with Review Exercise 2.

For Review Exercise 3, anything marked by brackets is up to you.

Tu: Buona sera. Posso vedere il menù/la carta/la lista?

Cameriere: Si/Certo/Subito.

Tu: Grazie. Un tavolo per [#], per cortesia.

Cameriere: Prego. Cosa vorebbe da bere?

Tu: Io vorrei [your choice of beverage].

Cameriere: Certo. E poi?

Tu: [whatever your heart desires]