Unit 18: Reading a Recipe

Exercise 1

allungheranno – allungare              

lasciamo – lasciare

cuociono – cuocere                            

servite – servire

aggiungete – aggiungere                

mescoli – mescolare

Exercise 2

Mix 240 grams of whole wheat flour with a cup of water and a little bit of yeast. Allow to rest, then knead and make a loaf in a mold. Bake for 45 minutes at 250° C. Serve with olive oil and a pinch of salt.

Unit 18 Review Exercises

Review Exercise 1

three cups of flour tre tazze di farina

a liter of oil un litro d’olio

a pinch of salt un pizzico di sale

two egg yolks due tuorli

pepper to taste pepe quanto basta / pepe q.b.

a splash of wine un dito di vino

Review Exercise 2

versare il latte pour the milk

servire con panna serve with cream

tritare un ciuffo di prezzemolo mince a bunch of parsley

cuocere la cipolla in padella con burro cook the onion in a frying pan with butter

Give yourself at least half an hour to complete Review Exercise 3. You can find any additional words you need in a bilingual dictionary. Once you’ve finished, you can check your Italian by plugging it into a machine translation tool and seeing how it comes out in English. If you’ve got something reasonably comprehensible, you’re in good shape.

Want to find more recipes in Italian? Here are a few websites with extensive collections and lots of great images: