Unit 5: La pasta

Exercise 1

le penne feathers                      

i vermicelli little worms

le conchiglie shells                   

i gomiti elbows

i gemelli twins                            

le fettuccine little ribbons

*Unless specifically requested in the exercise instructions, it’s up to you whether or not to include the article before the Italian words.

Exercise 2

spaghetti al pomodorospaghetti in tomato sauce

linguine all’origanolinguine dressed in oregano

gemelli al pesce twin noodles tossed with fish

conchiglie ai broccolishell pasta tossed with broccoli

*It doesn’t really matter if you write “tossed in“, “dressed with“, or some other translation of the preposition a. Choose whatever sounds best to you.

Exercise 3

1 g     2 d     3 h     4 b     5 f     6 c     7 e     8 a

Unit 5 Review Exercises

After you complete these review exercises, wait a few days and then review your work. Feel free to go on to the next unit in the meantime.

Review Exercise 1

la pasta al fornobaked pasta                   

la pasta frescafresh pasta

la pasta all’uovofresh pasta, egg pasta                    

la pasta seccadried pasta

la pastasciuttapasta with light sauce

il piatto unico single-course meal

When it’s time to review your work, use a bilingual dictionary to check your answers to Review Exercise 2. Doing the extra legwork of looking up words will help reinforce this vocabulary.

Review Exercise 3


al burro                    

alla puttanesca

alla boscaiola                    

alla marinara                             

al ragù

al cacciatore                      

alla norma                                  

al forno

alla carbonara                   

al pesto