Unit 7: Il pane [bread]

Exercise 1

millet baguettesfiloncini di miglio

bread with nutspane con noci or pane alle noci

buckwheat unleavened flatbreadpiadina di grano saraceno

oatmeal breadsticksgrissini di avena

spelt dinner rollsrosette di spelta

*Unless specifically requested in the exercise instructions, it’s up to you whether or not to include the article before the Italian words.

Exercise 2

oil-free breadpane senza olio

flatbread without onionschiacciata / focaccia senza cipolla

milk-free cheeseformaggio senza latte

sandwich without tomato panino senza pomodoro

bread without eggspane senza uova

Exercise 3

fettuccine with Ligurian pestofettuccine con pesto ligure

Calabrian read with olivespane calabrese con olive

Lombardian applesmele lombarde

Sicilian oranges with Sardinian figsarance siciliane con ficchi sardi

Tuscan bread without saltpane toscano senza sale

Umbrian pork with carrotsmaiale umbro con carote

Unit 7 Review Exercises

After you complete these review exercises, wait a few days and then review your work. Feel free to go on to the next unit in the meantime.

When it’s time to review your work, use a bilingual dictionary to check your answers to Review Exercise 1 and Review Exercise 3. Doing the extra legwork of looking up words will help reinforce this vocabulary.

Review Exercise 2

pane di grano tenerosoft wheat bread

pane di grano saraceno buckwheat bread

pane integralewhole wheat bread

pane di grano duro durum wheat bread